What is an Artist Print?

artist print is not a machine made reproduction – but is handmade:

linocut is a print created from a smooth linoleum plate. Linoleum is
composed of renewable resources, primarily cork and linseed oil
(which is compressed from flaxseed). Linoleum used by artists is
backed with burlap and considerably softer than the linoleum used for
kitchen floors. Mister Gregory draws his images directly on the
linoleum plate and carves it by hand with sharp tools. Linocut
produces an image with characteristic marks -- the result of gouges
made in the plate -- that create unique movement and vitality.
Matisse and Picasso made extensive use of linocut. Every print
Mister Gregory makes is an unique impression even from the same plate
as he applies the ink and paint in an one-of-a-kind way.

(thanks to Katie Gilmartin for parts of this)